Heaven Pt. 84

“then hear from heaven and forgive the sins of your servants, your people Israel. Teach them to follow the right path, and send rain on your land that you have given to your people as their special possession.” I Kings 8:36 NLT

Our nation is in a cultural battle concerning the source of life. Our schools and government agencies teach us that man is the center of the universe, with the right to decide morality and to pursue his own glory. The message of the church is the same as it has been throughout the ages: God is the center of the universe and He is the source of all forgiveness, right thinking, provision and glory. The call of the world is self-indulgence. The call of God’s kingdom is repentance. Our verse today tells us that only through repentance can we know God’s goodness, provision and presence.

Oh how we need a change!


6 thoughts on “Heaven Pt. 84

  1. Oh, Pastor J that song really touched my heart. I watched this movie last night “Joshua” and it was about Jesus coming into a town and making it a community by just showing His love to others. It moved me just like this song. Jesus’ love is so great that His mercy and grace a new everyday! Thank you, Pastor J for this blessing today!

  2. Thank you for how clearly and simply you showed the division, where the battle lines are drawn. God bless you, Pastor J, as you ready us for the days ahead!

  3. It would appear that the world is winning the battle, and certainly governments are supporting the move away from God. It is past time for the silent majority to speak up. It is time for all blood-bought, adopted children of the living God to write to their politicians and those in authority and let them know their objections.

    I think 2 Chronicles 7:14 fits in here very well, don’t you?
    “My people” starts with me. It starts with each individual.

    We are one day closer!

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