Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 126

When I started writing “Reinventing the We’ll”  I was walking through a valley of great change. At first I thought the blog would be all about the changes themselves; But as I wrote what was in my heart I found that I was not writing much about the actual changes (although pieces of them have made their way into certain blogs and comments), rather I was writing about the concepts and methods that anchored me through those changes.  Everyone needs a solid rock to stand on when the rest of the world liquefies. Jesus is my Solid Rock. His Bible has been the chain holding me onto the Rock as the waves of change crashed down upon me.

I love the chapter charts because they have been intentional exercises which have strengthened the effectiveness of God’s Word in my life.

If you are struggling today let me encourage you, trust Jesus with the struggle. Don’t just read His word study it and gather His divine strength for the battle.

Here’s what I see in today’s chapters!

I Samuel chapter 9 sermon topics/ titles:

1. Head And Shoulders: I Sam. 9:1,2

2. A Place Of Ministry a Place Of Honor: I Sam. 9: 5-13

3. God Focuses On the Smallest: I Sam. 9: 15-24

I Samuel chapter 10 sermon topics/ titles:

1. The After Effects of the Oil: 1 Sam. 10:1-13

2. The Private Made Public: 1 Sam. 10: 17-24

3. Ignore the Scoundrels: I Sam 10: 27

Now tell me what you see in these chapters. 🙂