Quotes Pt. 23

I see three common traits in the people we hold up as heroes: unusual ability, unflagging commitment and undeniable weakness. For these reasons we like our heroes to be kept on television or in a book. Shutting them off or putting them on the shelf is easier than living with great talent and unwavering tenacity mixed with the stuff of human frailty! JE Lillie


7 thoughts on “Quotes Pt. 23

  1. That is a great quote. It is true it is easier to turn them off or put them on a shelf especially if it really hit a chord of my own weakness. The amazing thing is that in our weakness we are made strong through Christ. Bless you, Pastor J as you continue to be His faithful servant and share His truth with us!

  2. Hi Pastor J! It’s true that we would prefer our heroes to be flawless–that’s why we overlook and deny so much–in them, and in ourselves. God bless you and the fam–love, sis Caddo

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