Quotes Pt. 21

Hot Rods by JE Lillie

” I tend to live life like I’m driving in the Indy 500 when all along God meant it to be like a ride in an antique car. Christianity is about learning how to ride again.” JE Lillie

8 thoughts on “Quotes Pt. 21

  1. I love this quote for it is so true. I just love a Sunday drive in the country. Being a christian for me is slowing down my speed and enjoying His presence more and more. This makes me think of what you said about a year ago be slow, constant, and intentional. Thanks, Pastor J for all that you share with us! I thought you said you couldn’t draw?

  2. Oh Pastor J . ..thank you for the great pic and quote. I feel so slow in this ‘race’. You give me hope that I am going at just the right speed. God bless you!

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