Quotes Pt. 20

Last week I was privileged to attend a Pastor’s Retreat in Hyannis MA. I thought I would share some quotes from the conference and some photos from the journey.

The Solid Rock by JE Lillie

“God loves me because I am His!” Bob wise

Sunset Diamonds by JE Lillie

“All our strength can’t deliver the kingdom.” Bob Wise

“If you’re not hungry for more of God it means you’re full of yourself.” Mark Batterson

Dune Grass JE Lillie

“Prayer is the difference between the best you can do and the best God can do.” Mark Batterson

The boat launch washed away in Hurricane Sandy


“Make decisions in the future tense not the present tense.” Mark Batterson

There is much more but I think this is enough to meditate on for the moment….:)