Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 121

Ruth is the little book full of riches written about the times of the Judges. Ruth was a woman who had lost a lot. She could have given up, instead she turned to God and “risked” all things to obtain everything. She showed such initiative how could God not have blessed her?  Here are some sermon ideas I see in today’s chapters.

Ruth chapter 3 sermon topics/ titles:

1. Prepare For Blessing: Ruth 3:1-3

2. “Cover Me Kinsman Redeemer!” Ruth 3:6-9

3. Providing Something to Carry the Blessing: Ruth 3:15

Ruth chapter 4 sermon topics/ titles:

1. Paying the Price of Redemption: Ruth 4:1-6

2. The Blessing of Judah: Ruth 4: 11,12

3. In the Line of Kings: Ruth 4:18-22

Now tell me what you see in these chapters for possible sermon topics. I see at least three more! 🙂