Pastor Wrinkles: R.I.P.

No I’m not dead. This was my sermon title today.

Here is the quote everyone will probably take home with them.  🙂

“The peace of God is better than pot, in case you were wondering.” JE Lillie

12 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: R.I.P.

    • It did. It was not in my notes and sometimes I regret what comes out extemporaneously. My only hope is that somehow it ties people back to the truth which was preached. As I got thinking about it though maybe it will help people to see they should vote “no” on legalizing pot in our state.

  1. What an awesome message today, Pastor J!!! What an incredible feeling when the Lord moves across a room and then decides to stay with us and in us a while. When we allow Him to move, such peace that only He can give is a feeling one never wants to be without. All He wants is for us to come and tarry with Him a while, I’m so glad I did, the peace I felt today was wonderful and even now as I write this that feeling still lingers on inside. Thank you, Lord for meeting me today and Thank you Pastor J for following His leading of today’s message.

  2. Well, I’ve never tried pot (and never will) but I know the peace of God far, far, far, far, far excels anything else. In fact, peace with God and the peace of God stand alone. The ultimate!

    What an amazing God that He would grant us peace with Him!

    • Amen! We have a question on our ballot next week asking the constituency to legalize marijuana in the state. The question right after that is a vote on physician assisted suicide. We are a people so in need of peace and yet many are seeking it from every source other than Jesus!

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