Missions Conference 2012 Pt. 9

On Wednesday night of our Missions Conference, Cornerstone church welcomed Pastor Don Lance to the podium. Pastor Don has been doing short-term missions trips to  Haiti for the last several years. He and our Pastor are working on a short-term trip for summer 2013.


Pastor Don shared a timely word from John chapter 4 regarding Jesus’ trip through Samaria:

It was the habit of Jews travelling from Judea to Galilee to go around Samaria (even though the road through Samaria was the quickest route) because the Jews hated the Samaritans. But in John chapter 4 Jesus doesn’t go around Samaria he goes straight through the hateful place because there is work to be done there. It’s an interesting thought that the community of Samaritans Jesus preached to might have been the very people the first Christians fled to when the persecution against them broke out in Acts chapter 7 and 8. What would the reception of those first Christians been like, I wonder, had Jesus not taken his disciples into an uncomfortable situation in advance. The application of course is for us to remember that when God puts us between the devil and the deep blue sea it is never without reason. God wastes nothing especially our discomfort.

4 thoughts on “Missions Conference 2012 Pt. 9

  1. God’s plan is always better even when we, think what was God thinking? Then we realize thank God it went His way and not mine. “I guess He really does know what He is doing.” Thanks, Pastor J for this it really does open one’s eyes that He is bigger than any situation we are faced with. A-men!

  2. Oh . .I really liked this. That amazing God, always working, and not letting anything go to waste. God bless you and thank you for sharing the mission conference with us!

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