Missions Conference 2012 Pt. 7

Chosen People  Ministries visited Cornerstone during this year’s missions conference. Chosen People is a ministry dedicated to bringing the gospel to the people of israel throughout the nations. Mitch Foreman (of Chosen People) came to share a two day conference (five sessions) with us regarding the histor and prophetic nature of God’s chosen people.

Here is Pt. 4 : http://cornerstoneag.net/2012/10/02/middle-east-conference-part-3/

2 thoughts on “Missions Conference 2012 Pt. 7

  1. Thanks, Pastor J for posting this conference because I’m sure I missed a lot and review is always a good thing for me. It’s like when I read the Word repeatedly I always see something new each time. something I didn’t catch the first time. Thanks, again.

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