Heaven Pt. 80

“May you hear the humble and earnest requests from me and your people Israel when we pray toward this place. Yes, hear us from heaven where you live, and when you hear, forgive.” I Kings 8:30

It seems sometimes that God and His home in Heaven are so far away from us and our experience. We think things like …

We think maybe God doesn’t know…doesn’t understand…doesn’t have a truly accurate perception of what is happening to us because He is so far away.

The truth is,when we think of Heaven being way out there somewhere past the planet Jupiter we espouse a rather unbiblical view. You see Heaven isn’t just the place we go when we die. It is anywhere where God has rule. That is why Jesus could say,  “The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within  you.” Luke 17:20,21

God can hear us from Heaven because that kingdom… that rule has already taken up residence within our hearts. We may not physically be in Heaven right now but Heaven is spiritually in us. Honestly, I am not sure which of those things is more real.

10 thoughts on “Heaven Pt. 80

  1. Pastor J, this made me misty-eyed today. My typical experience is a very real sense of Jesus living inside me, and thus Heaven too. But there are the rare days when fatigue accumulates, and the disappointing imperfections of “This”–the place where we live now–make things topsy turvy–and it feels, just for a little while, that God is farther away than usual. And thus, it is a HUGE blessing to have fellowship on the blogs–someone to remind me that, “It’s all okay–we’re safe, God hasn’t gone anywhere.” God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo

  2. Quite a few years ago I honestly felt God was so far away but these past two years I have felt His presence more than ever. Of course, its not because He wasn’t there its because I didn’t draw near to Him. I remember watching the describable series and I think it is the second DVD that shows us just how big our God is and boy, did I get a new perspective of God. Not just in the sense that He is bigger than any situation but that He cares about each and everyone of us on an individual basis. How amazing is that! Thanks, Pastor J this post hit home. Many blessings to you.

  3. Oh, I like what Angela quoted. 🙂
    Thank you, Pastor J, for keeping us close to Him in understanding that Heaven isn’t a far off place! God bless you and all that He reveals to you!

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