A Nice Kind O’ Dumb

     So this has been a big week of discovery for Pastor Wrinkles. There have been so many epiphanies I hardly know where to begin. I was sitting at lunch this week with the church staff eating my Greek yogurt. It was a new kind that just went on sale at the market. It is very tasty. My only objection is that they put the yogurt and the fruit in adjoining containers. Well all week long I have been scooping the fruit into the yogurt with a spoon…making a mess of myself, the table and anyone bold enough to get close to my “lunch mess”.

    The youth pastor’s wife joined us for lunch the other day and upon observing my yogurt issue she offered, “You know the container folds in half so that you don’t make such a mess.”


the angels in Heaven sang as I discovered the best invention ever! Folding yogurt containers! What genius thought that up?

But Jesus wasn’t finished with me yet! For years I have been having a daily argument with the office coffee pot.

When the coffee is made it won’t come out! You have to turn the top and if you don’t turn it right the top comes off and you end up with a coffee mess. So I usually just take the top off altogether and pour sans top. Usually I over pour and end up with that nasty coffee ring that travels with you everywhere you put your cup down (of course I never think to wipe the bottom of the cup with a napkin that would be too brilliant).

     One of the secretaries noticed me pouring out the other day and remarked “You know you don’t have to take the top off to pour. It will stay on and pour perfectly if you just line up the arrows.”


The angels sang and the people rejoiced!

Of course I have taken a bit of ribbing over these discoveries. To all this I say “My elevator may not go all the way to the top. I may be a few ants short of a picnic. Yes I may be dumb, but I am a nice kind o’ dumb!” 😉

Share Your World With Cee Cee Pt. 23

I am late this week sorry Cee!! But what fun the questions will be this week.  Thanks Cee for picking my ice breaker out of the bunch I am so honored! 🙂

  1. Where did you live at age five?
    My parents rented a house on Baldwinville State Rd. in Winchendon MA from my Aunt and Uncle. Uncle Dick was stationed out of Honolulu for a couple of years and my folks were saving up for a house of their own; So I imagine Uncle Dick and Aunt Lore let us have the house on the cheap. I remember there was a big rock out back where a snake lived. I would go out and talk to the snake every afternoon and try to get it to come out and play. Mostly that didn’t work. 🙂
  2. What five things in life would you like to get paid for but would choose to do even if you have to pay to do them? (Reinventing the We’llO.K. so I had to go back to my comments from last week to get this list. I wanted to make sure I didn’t add anything else to the list: 1.I would like to get paid for reading 2. I would like to get paid for singing 3. I would like to get paid for writing 4. I would like to get paid for travelling 5. I would like to get paid for helping people get closer to Jesus!
  3. Describe yourself in a word that starts with the first letter of your name. (teedeevee)
  4. “What do you have to be so happy about?”  (Caddo Veil)-