A Note From the 6th Pt. 2

Knowledge is a great thing and it should be sought, however, the wise man will admit that though he knows numerous facts about the galaxies he also knows very little. It is an amazing and humbling thing to see your life being painted while it is happening, and though we see the smallest part of the picture we like to think we know everything, when in fact we may know nothing. We can see a barren tree or a difficulty and say, “life is pointless” without waiting till spring to see it blossom. We can see a flowering field and long to bask in it for eternity and we do so only to realize the flowers will wither up in the winter. Many things are temporal, only a few things last. Many things are mundane, but the things God has put His hand to are extrordinary. I love it when the writer of Ecclesiastes says, “Whatever God does will last forever. Nothing can be added to it, and nothing can be taken away from it.”- Joseph Elon Lillie VIJoseph Elon Lillie