Pastor Wrinkles: Hey Jude Pt. 9

“So I want to remind you, though you already know these things, that Jesus [fn] first rescued the nation of Israel from Egypt, but later he destroyed those who did not remain faithful.” Jude 1:5 NLT

We have been talking over the last several days about learning to contend for the faith against “secret slipper-inners”. Our first step to contending…defending the faith is to recognize someone who is a “slipper-inner” when we meet them.

Jude tells us the first sign is that such men “do not remain faithful”. They are mē pisteuō … That is they are NOT BEING TRUE TO, GIVING CREDIT TO, OR TRUSTING IN JESUS, GOD OR HIS PROMISES.

The example  given is the Israelites who came out of Egypt by God’s mighty hand. They saw the miracles of God on their behalf. They experienced God at Mount Sinai. Yet when it came to trusting God to take them into the land He had promised, they backed down. Instead of looking to God’s strength to fulfill His promises they measured the promise against their strength to bring it about. Unbelief for them was defined as relying on what they were able to accomplish without God’s help and forgetting God’s wonders.

the church has always been called to operate in the supernatural… that is beyond what can be accomplished by normal means. To walk in faith means to always be in the place of “It’s not possible but we are doing it!”

There is an aspect of being faithful to God which causes us always to challenge ourselves to something further. Now, whether that challenge  is being truly joyful for a full twenty-four hour period or building a 3,000 seat church in Africa, the devil is always trying to crush the over-comer in us. Jude says that the enemy of our souls will raise up people to help him accomplish that task.

Christian, beware of people who encourage you to give up the God-dream whatever that is in your life. True brothers and sisters in Christ may encourage you to tailor or redirect your God-dream. They may even point out that there are many steps to be fulfilled before you reach it. They may call you to change and growth; But brothers and sisters in Christ are not God- dream-killers. God-dream killing is the territory of the “secret-slipper-inner”, the man or woman who has forgotten what it is to operate by real faith and who now chooses to walk by natural strength alone.

Remember that, discern it and walk in faith!

20 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: Hey Jude Pt. 9

  1. Oh Pastor J!! The Holy Spirit leapt (spelling?) within me as I read this–I currently have a couple dreams inside that can only come about by miraculous manifestations of God. I’m thinkin’ this is a GOOD thing–because if they were things I could accomplish for myself, in my own strength–well, you know. I’ve also learned to hold super-size dreams loosely in my hands/heart. So my position is, “these things are Impossible–but I’m just going to watch and see what the God of the Impossible does”. I also stand firmly on the truth that, regardless whether my dreams come true–I still have God, and He still has me–so I can’t lose!!” God bless you abundantly–love, sis Caddo

    • A good word Sis! Our faith is ultimately grounded in the will of God. HE not only knows the best for us but desires it for us and as we put faith in Him accomplishes that best molding our God dreams into the perfect piece of artwork He has foreordained.

  2. >> “To walk in faith means to always be in the place of “It’s not possible but we are doing it!”
    So true! A Christian should be able to look back on their life and see numerous ‘impossibilities’ that became possible ONLY because the omnipotent God worked in and through them to achieve.

    I think of questions John Ortberg asked:
    “When was the last time I experienced God’s TOTAL enabling in an act of service?”
    “Am I presently doing something that I could not possibly do apart from the power and enabling of God?”

  3. Hello Pastor J. this is a terrible place to be,and I never want to be there,I want to be humble and obedient so that God can use me more and more. As we journey through life more and more we’re seeing God’s word fulfilled as many turn away from God and try to get others to follow,God is not pleased at all. Good,good encouragement!
    Love you Pastor J. 😀

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  5. My first time reading from your blog and my first impulse (within by the Spirit) is to shout AMEN!! I’ve written on the topic before, however, this verse fro Jude really hits it! May God bless you!

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