A Note from the 6th

So my son, JE the 6th, has been posting some thoughts and I thought this might be worth a gander for everyone.

My Joy and My Burden

by Joseph Elon Lillie on Saturday, September 8, 2012 at 2:21am ·

     I would like to start off this note by asking ourselves do we really believe what we say we do? Do we believe in God? Do we actually believe in heaven and hell? This is a tough subject to deal with. What do we actually believe.

When I think about what I believe it brings me great joy! For I know I shall once again be reunited with my Creator, and when does man experience the most pleasure? I can imagine all the different answers I am getting. When he is eating dinner some might say. Some will say when travelling the world. There are dozens of different answers you may give, but when you are doing what you know you are made to do and discover your purpose is not that the greatest pleasure? What is man’s ultimate purpose? Is it not to bring God glory, and to live in relationship with Him? I look forward to this joy with great anticipation. Why then are we so focussed on the vain things this world offers us and why are we so easily distracted from that which we are meant to do wholeheartidly? I am not saying money does not matter, nor am I suggesting that finding a helpmate is useless, nor am I saying watching TV is bad but we must put evrything in its proper place. I will ask again do we really believe as we say we do?

Also, thinking about what I believe brings be great sorrow, and I even sometimes get down when I see the world in the shape I see it. So I will share this with you as well. I will begin by asking what is more disturbing to you, seeing a friend fall away from the faith, or seeing a world where so many have never heard of christianity? This said in either case why do we not do more as believers? Do we really believe what we say we do? So why does the church as a whole ecspecially in the past couple generation do such a poor job if we believe both heaven and hell, and do you not think that more christians would be depressed if they see the great need. It is a huge burden I feel the ENTIRE church is called to, but only FEW of us bear it this should not be. Population is growing, and the church is losing ground. There are definitely some denominations growing, however not necessarily as quickly as the population is increasing.

What do we believe? Why do we believe it? Do we truly believe it?

In closing I would like to state I have joy because I know what lay ahead for me. But I have more sorrow than some because I see the world in desperate need. I want to take this time just to be an advocate. When you see that homeless child, widowed woman, or handicapped man remember the joy you have looking ahead and be the best example of Christ you can whether it is in deed, and if the opportunity is there in word as well.

10 thoughts on “A Note from the 6th

  1. Powerful! What more is there to say, just that I agree with you whole heartedly.God has certainly given both of you the amazing gift of writing.Thank you, Pastor J for sharing a note from JE the 6th. It was truly a blessing.

  2. Good job, JE the 6th (awesome responsibility, I’m sure!)! I agree completely that the greatest joy I feel is when I’m doing what God has put in my hand to do–be it cooking/baking and sharing with someone, or writing, or fellowshiping (with God, and others), or listening to good Bible teaching–just the sense of Resting in His Presence was wonderful, this morning. God bless you richly as you chase after Jesus– on the path and in the plan He’s purposed for you. love, sis/”auntie” Caddo

  3. Thanks for sharing, Pastor J
    Joe’s writings always leave me scratching my head… (The young fellow writes much older than his years)
    His offering reminds me of this devotional : http://wordforyoutoday.blogspot.ca/2012/06/what-kind-of-example-are-you-6.html Sometimes the tough questions are the ones that bring the greatest truth.
    God bless you, J6. May you continue to be in the place where He finds you ready, willing and available.
    Blessings to you and yours,

    (Pastor J, May God reward your faithfulness in living in such a way that your children still choose to walk with Papa even when they are able to make their own decisions.)

    • I am truly blessed Ann by the work the children are doing Ann! I am astounded at the grace of Jesus in this matter. I will forward this comment on to Joe. He will be greatly encouraged

  4. Amazing word J the 6th!!! You certainly have made me wonder is there something more I should be doing? Am I doing all that God wants me to or just enough to get by, I like to think it’s more than just get by but there’s always more to do isn’t there. Thank you for sharing and causing us to look at “Why do we believe? Why do we believe it? Do we truly believe it?” If you think you’ve done enough or are doing enough—DO SOMETHING MORE FOR THE GLORY OF THE LORD!!!
    thanks Pastor J for sharing.

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