Pastor Wrinkles: Hey Jude Pt. 2

Jude, a servant of Jesus Christ and a brother of James, To those who have been called, who are loved by God the Father and kept by* Jesus Christ: Jude 1:1 NIV

I guess one of the things I like to know before I read a letter from the daily mail is, is it a letter for me. After all, tampering with someone else’s mail is against the law!

We know from yesterday’s post that this letter is from Jude, Jesus’ brother. We know he was a man who had given all his obedience to Christ as Lord and Savior. But before we go on with the study let’s ask the question “Is this letter for me?”

Jude says he is writing to everyone who is called. The Greek word used here means everyone who is invited. Who has been invited to follow Christ? EVERYONE!  So far that means you qualify!

He goes on to say he is writing to everyone who is loved by God the Father. Who is loved by God? AGAIN EVERYONE!

The final qualifier is the lynch pin in the whole address label. Jude says he is writing to all who are kept by Jesus Christ. the Greek means those who are sanctified. Who are the sanctified? The sanctified are those who have responded to the invitation of God’s love.  EVERYONE HAS BEEN LOVED! EVERYONE HAS BEEN INVITED! BUT NOT EVERYONE HAS RESPONDED AND SO NOT EVERYONE IS BEING KEPT!

You know, a person can only say that all God’s promises are “yes and amen.” if he has responded to the invitation to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. If you have responded to the invitation of Christ’s forgiveness then it’s not just the book of Jude that has been written to you. It is every single line on every single page of the Bible!

Let’s pray: God I thank you that today the promises commands and prophecies of Scripture all pertain to my life because today I fully respond to the invitation to accept Christ’s work of salvation. I thank you Father for sending Your son Jesus to die on the cross and to rise from the dead so that I might have eternal life. I believe Jesus died and rose again further I give my whole life to Jesus today that I may become your servant now and forevermore! Amen!

If you meant that prayer then the book of Jude was written especially for you!