C.cada Update August 2012

I was looking back at some of our community posts from a year ago. So much changes in a year! Our name has changed from C.C.A.C. (Cornerstone Christian Artists Community) To C.cada (Cornerstone Christian Artist’s Day Apart) and we have streamlined our vision from: Pray, plan and perform to Encourage, equip and activate.

Through every change God has been faithful to move us as a community forward into what He has for us in ministry. The goal is to use art to build the kingdom.

In our morning discussion this month the question was asked, “What is creativity?”

Here are some of the definitions we came up with.

Using common things to produce uncommon results.- Mike Murphy

What happens when the mundane becomes unacceptable -Don Haas

I love these! So much in life rises to stymie our creativity. But one of the greatest hindrances to the Christian creative flow is focusing on results before obedience. When we focus more on the result than on our obedience to the inspiration of God we usually end up bottle-necked by fear or lost in selfish pride. But if we can somehow suspend  our worry about the endgame and turn our eyes to obey the heavenly vision then we will end up in artistic victory!

Here are some artistic victories from this month.

SKY VBS- You may remember many of our artists helped construct the VBS set and worked with the 170 plus children who showed up for the week of day camps. We saw forty children give their hearts to Jesus this year.

C.cada worship board- This month’s art board,”Portrait of a Family” was created by Sandy Freeman






Worship leading opportunities- I was invited to lead worship at the local visiting nurses day program and my daughter Amanda and I were privileged to minister in music for a week at the Connecticut Special Touch Getaway.

National Fine Arts- One of our very own Lillian Lapoint was invited to sing at the Assembly of God National Fine Arts Festival in Kentucky! Congrats Lillian! 







I can hardly believe all that God is including us in! We are truly blessed!

How has God included you in His blessing this month?


10 thoughts on “C.cada Update August 2012

    • Thanks Deb! I am seeing such an increase in the kingdom work and the opportunities are coming so fast and multiplying so quickly. Pray that the Lord of the harvest will send laborers!

  1. I truly am blessed to be part of C.cada and to have a church family that supports me in this. Thank you, Pastor J you have blessed me with your vision which is now a reality. Thank you, God for using Pastor J and for him being obedient to Your vision. A-men!

  2. Thanks for including us in the excitement, Pastor J 🙂
    “How has God included you in His blessing this month?”
    By at http://byhighered.wordpress.com/ shared a thought with me. He says “Whatever I get from God is a miracle.” I’m learning to keep that at the front of my mind so I live in a constant state of thankfulness.

  3. Mike Murphy’s comment: “Using common things to produce uncommon results” rings true with me. Over the years we have made enormous props for camps and holiday clubs, using ‘common things’ (often rubbish) to create uncommon results which I find hard to believe we created when I now look at photos.

    Thanks for sharing the blessings you have experienced at C.cada. I praise the Lord with you and know that He will continue to bless and use you to reach and bless many more.

    We serve an amazing God!

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