…But God is

In the last two years I have learned just how frail I am. If ever I had reason to be proud in my self that is all gone now. I have lost every illusion of personal strength…but then they were only illusions anyway.

I have learned that by myself I am not strong…But God is and that’s no illusion! My God is a strength that cannot fail. I  gladly trade all my illusions of personal strength  for the truth that I am only strong when my God stand with me!

10 thoughts on “…But God is

  1. “In the last two years” . . . it was a number of your posts ago that the thought occurred to me that you have “grown” spiritually since I started following you. By that I don’t mean you weren’t a fine example before then, but that (as should be expected) the hand of the Lord on you has been evident.

    It is when we acknowledge our own weakness – correction, our total inability – and depend on our living, loving omnipotent Father God to undertake for us, that He enables us to use HIS strength to overcome.

    What an amazing God!

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