C.cada Update July 2012

Warm Summer

We have certainly gotten a lot done this month artistically!

Last month I posted some of the work of Charlotte Dorais which will be show-cased in our annual art show coming up in October.

I got a jump on some  photography. “Warm Summer” is now framed and I am working on another called “Lost in the Windmill”. Added to the “Broken Branches” photos I should have a pretty good portfolio to put up by October.

This month Charlotte worked with some of our up- and- coming artists on VBS sets which we will also display as “art in ministry” pieces at the show.

Musically we are putting together a number of instrumental quartets and duets. Our vocalists are also doing some great work.  If anybody wants to come for the show it’s Oct. 20th.  Mark your calendars. We will be displaying the art work of:

Charlotte Dorais

JE Lillie

Wendy Brouillet

Lisa Johnson

Sandy Freeman and hopefully Jason Blanchard

Musically we will be listening to original compositions by Clayton Phelps

Jon Bauver and One Desire

Throughout the day music will be made by:

Cornerstone Choir:

Cornerstone worship team

Sandy Freeman, Debby Maciowrowski, JE Lillie, Jody Clapp

The Young Cornerstones

Lillian Lapoint

Poetry readings will be given by Garrick Brewer:

Does it sound like fun? Let me know if you would like to travel across the world to visit. We’ll make it a special trip!

6 thoughts on “C.cada Update July 2012

  1. What a joy and a celebration! 🙂 This is so exciting and I just know it will be a tremendous event, sharing Life, Love and Light through Holy Spirit inspired art! God bless you and all His artists!

  2. I can’t wait. It is so exciting how God is using so many to spread His message through His artists. Pastor J, I just love this photo when I look at it I feel such peace in my soul. Thank you for sharing it again. Many blessings as God’s glory shines through your art. A-men!

  3. Thanks for the sneak peak 🙂 Sounds like it’s going to be great!
    Praying the gathering will experience a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Kinda like your very own upper room experience 😉
    Blessings and thanks for sharing.

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