Get Up and Glow Pt. 7

 In yesterday’s post it was mentioned that getting up and getting on with life is necessary…

But not only is getting up necessary getting up is possible!

The word of God says in Isaiah 59- “My Spirit will not leave them, and neither will these words I have given you. They will be on your lips and on the lips of your children and your children’s children forever. I, the LORD, have spoken!”

I recently had lunch with two Bible translators from Papua New Guinea. It turns out when they were newly married they lived in the town next to me. One of the missionaries worked in a local factory. They lived in an apartment fifteen minutes from my home. These missionaries are  just regular folk like you and  me. Yet God has called them to this incredible work half way across the world. In their time as missionaries these “regular folk” have faced thievery, life threatening sicknesses and near fatal accidents. Their computer system with the translation on it and their back-ups have crashed because of computer viruses causing them to almost lose the translation. They have been threatened and even carjacked at gun point. The place they live is so violent that just a few months ago one of the missionaries was in her bedroom reading when she heard gun shots out in the street. Her first reaction was not to duck and cover. Instead she calmly stayed on the bed and made a mental note to remind their 18-year-old to be careful when he went to the store because “there are people shooting today.”

How does this couple keep getting up day after day to pursue the things of God? They do it by the power of the Spirit. They have recognized that giving up is not an option… that getting up is necessary. They have also realized that with the power of the Holy Spirit getting up is possible.

The Holy Spirit is a well of limitless power. No force in the universe can stand against Him: By the Holy Spirit the waters of the red Sea parted! By the power of the Holy Spirit demons bowed before Jesus! By the power of the Holy Spirit Corrie Tenboom prayed over a bottle of vitamin C drops in Ravensbruck concentration camp. The bottle never went dry for a full year! By the power of the Holy Spirit Elizabeth Elliot and her friends marched  into the jungle to evangelize the tribe who had murdered their husbands. The  tribe was converted to Christianity!The list goes on. By the power of the Holy Spirit you can get up!

What are you believing the Holy Spirit to do in your life? Arise Christian!

13 thoughts on “Get Up and Glow Pt. 7

  1. Pastor J, I so needed this message today. Thank you, because hearing this for the second time it struck a deep chord today. A revelation into certain things I really need to use the power of the Holy Spirit If I’m going to accomplish them. Thanks again. God bless you as you bring this message to many.

  2. Thank you, Pastor J

    Three of us had similar prayer requests, and so far, God has answered two…. Hard to fight the urge to remind Him there is a third, but your post today hits the nail on the head. We can believe Him for impossible!

    Shall be forwarding your link to my team.


  3. Praise God for those who are out there on the front line, and for those who are faithful to uphold them in their ministry.
    May we all be aware that each of us has a ‘front line’ of our own, even though on a smaller scale, and we all need to be diligent and available to the Spirit’s leading to use each and every opportunity we are given.
    What a privilege to serve such an amazing God!

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