Get Up and Glow Pt. 6

In yesterday’s post it was mentioned that in order to release our problems successfully into the hands of Jesus it is necessary to get up from where we are stuck and begin to move on in the power of Jesus. Here is why…   It is true dear Reader that Psalm 23 says

“The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1 Please notice It does not say I do not want. It says I shall not want future tense…Why? Because God is goingto

The Lower Falls, Doanes Royalston MA

provide our every need. He is going to lead us into green pasture, beside still waters and He is going to restore our souls. But in order to do that He first has to lead us through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Do you know the Valley of the Shadow of Death is a real place? You can Google it. It is a narrow chasm between Bethlehem and Jerusalem. On one side is the town of Bethlehem and on the other side are the best sheep fields in the area. The only way to the green pastures is through the valley. So shepherds take their flocks through the on a regular basis to the place where the sheep can get food to eat.

You have been wondering why you are going through your Valley of the Shadow of Death haven’t you? It’s because the valley is the only pathway to blessing. You may not like it but if you lay down in the Valley of the Shadow of death, if you get stuck there you are going to die there. Getting up and moving on to what’s next is necessary!

Don’t be afraid. Your Shepherd is with You. He will help you get up! Just decide to do it! Because getting up and moving on is necessary…and tomorrow we will discover it is possible!

8 thoughts on “Get Up and Glow Pt. 6

  1. Thank you, Lord for when I walk through the valley I know you are always at my side. I am thankful that I can make the softest whisper of your name and I instantly feel your peace. Thank you, Pastor J for reminding us that through the valley blessings do come as long as you keep walking forward.

  2. I hope all God’s adopted, blood-bought children can say they have been through the vally of the shadow of death. It certainly isn’t a pleasant experience, but once through and enjoying the ‘rich pastures’ on the other side makes us thankful for the experience. We can look back and praise God for using that time to “grow” us.

    What an amazing God!

  3. God bless you, Pastor J

    Wonderful post.

    “…if you get stuck there you are going to die there.”
    Such a frightening reality! The journey through the valley may seem long, but “getting up and moving on is necessary.”

    I’m glad I’m not taking this journey alone.


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