Waiting For God

There is a rather bawdy British comedy that shows every once in a while on our local public broadcasting system here in the States called “Waiting For God”. Basically it’s the story of a group of people in a rest home waiting to die. It’s the English “Golden Girls” if you will. It came to mind as I was meditating on a portion of Habakkuk chapter 2 in preparation for a class I taught this week.

I will climb up to my watchtower and stand at my guard post. There I will wait to see what the LORD says and how he will answer my complaint. Hab. 2:1 NLT

Habakkuk chapter one is a list of the complaints and questions the prophet has for the Lord. When Habakkuk finishes his litany of brain-teasers for God he basically says “Now then, I am just going to wait and see what God does with those humdingers!”

I wonder how long Habakkuk had to wait. We aren’t told, but knowing God a little bit I rather doubt He came right down from the throne of grace to answer Habakkuk the instant the questions fluttered from the prophet’s lips. The prophet’s book is rather short (3 chapters) so it may be that he waited all his life to get his answers to these questions.

It begs the question, how are you doing waiting for God to answer your burdens? Are you O.K. if He takes a while longer?

We after all are microwave people serving a crock pot God. Still I’d rather eat food out of a crock pot than out of the microwave any day!

14 thoughts on “Waiting For God

  1. Thanks for sharing, Pastor J
    Tough question … Am I fine waiting? Nope… not at all. I want the answer now. Sometimes I want it yesterday.
    I have to trust Him to help me deal with the times when waiting seems to be the order of the day. If I focus too hard on waiting, I may forget all He’s done and all He has promised to do. Waiting is often hard, and sometimes hope wanes, but I am confident that He has my best interest at heart, even if He chooses to delay the answer I am waiting for.

  2. Waiting is one of the hardest things we have to do but with God there is always a good reason to why He waited, well actually, why we think He waited. It is in His timing not ours, for His timing is perfect. Please God continue to do your work in my life while I wait for your answers and thank you for all that you have already answered. Thanks, Pastor J what a great post!

  3. Like Ann, I want it yesterday! However, once my loving Father is involved, I am happy to wait on His timing, because I trust Him. The secret is to hand it over to Him and leave it there . . . now that is something I tend to forget sometimes.

    • Sometimes I miss the fact that He is involved because I can’t feel Him or see how He is moving. May God teach me to walk by faith and not by sight!

  4. I loved this, Pastor J! “a microwave people with a crock pot God” . .. okay, this is a wonderful quote!!! I have some big long waits going on. . .and was a little shocked at first, when I realized the crock pot thing. 🙂 Growing to be thankful, as He shows me Himself more and more and so I trust more and more that the longer the wait just means it’s going to be extra good when it gets done. God bless you and all that He brings to you now and down the road a ways!

  5. Waiting is hard for me even when I know God has it all under control. I have to keep reminding myself to stand on His promises by faith until it is sight. i’ve been waiting a long time for a heavy weight to be lifted from my heart for a loved one of mine, Father I will continue to trust you with this burden and know you had a reason for it and will make good out of it at least for me I am sure of it. Please reveal yourself to my loved one in a way that could not be mistaken or reasoned away, what ever it takes Lord, they need you!!! It is my desire that we would be able to share with each other the love you have for each of us and to go forth all a GLOW!!! A-men!!!

    • The prayer burdens from the Lord are heavy until the Holy Spirit has done His work through us then the release is glorious to behold! Praying with yopu through this time Sandy!

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