The Netherlands Pt 8: St. Bavo’s Haarlem

After touring the Ten Boom museum (which if you did not see go back to Netherlands Pt. 7 for a look-see) Brenda and I had lunch with Mona at one of the street-side cafes. Christian camaraderie is such a sweet gift from the Holy Spirit!

When at last we had to say good-bye or as they say it in Dutch “Dooey!” Brenda and I decided our time in Haarlem was not over. We wanted to tour Corrie’s home church, St.Bavo’s (pronounced Boffo’s).

St. Bavo’s sits in the center of Haarlem Square.

Admission to the church was 2 Euro as there was no service going on.

The sanctuary of St. Bavo’s

the facade of the pipe organ, Mozart played a service here…but not while we were visiting 🙂

The ceilings of St. Bavo’s

Ancient cathedral sanctuaries were built in the shape of crosses. This is the ceiling at the center of the cross.

A view along the North side of the sanctuary, St. Bavo’s. The floor is made of gravestones from the 1500’s. The inside of the church is also a cemetery.

A grave marker in the floor of St. Bavo’s

Brenda in the choir loft. St. Bavo’s

While Brenda was busy pretending to pray, I found this little cross- shaped hole in the wall.

Since the adjoining doors were bolted, I stuck my arm through the cross-shaped hole and snapped this picture. So glad my arm didn’t get stuck!

This window was given to St. Bavo’s by Queen Beatrix.

There is so much to see in this little city. After we left St. Bavo’s we walked through the square just enjoying the sights and sounds.

the statue outside of St. Bavo’s. Mona could only tell us it wasn’t St. Bavo.

Street cafe, Haarlem Square

Street performers, Haarlem Square

Haarlem truly is one of the most beautiful little cities I have been too. Don’t pass this little gem by if you are in the area!

8 thoughts on “The Netherlands Pt 8: St. Bavo’s Haarlem

  1. I wonder what would have happened if there had been someone inside that room? He might not have appreciated being snapped.

    Beautiful photos. There were great architects and craftsmen back then.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Pastor J

    Nice photos and interesting commentary. I’ll add St Bovo’s to the list of places I would like to see.


    P.S. – What it someone had (jokingly) held onto your arm?

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