Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 102

As I began writing the chapter charts for Pastor Wrinkle’s Pt. 101 I began to have an elusive feeling of deja vu’. Now as I begin to write Pt. 102 I remember why. I have just written a post regarding this chapter in  the “Heaven” series.

I always wonder when the Spirit repeats passages of Scripture like this for me. Some would call it a coincidence, but I have lived too long as a Christian to believe in coincidence. So here I am today wondering what I am supposed to key in on  from these two posts. Perhaps you will see it for me or perhaps after all it is for you! 🙂 Let me know what you see.

Joshua chapter 10 sermon topics/ titles:

1. When Taking God’s Side Makes You Enemies: Joshua 10: 1-5

2. The Day That God Used a Lie: Joshua 10:1-15 (referring back to Josh 9)

3. Taking the Old Kings Down At Night Fall: Josh. 10: 16-27

Joshua chapter 11 sermon topics/ titles:

1. The Enemy Has A Plan B: Josh: 11:1-5

2. God Only Needs Plan A: Josh 11:6-15

3. Getting Rid Of Giants: Josh: 11:21-22


12 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 102

  1. Joshua 10
    1. Wrong Astronomy 101, but God did it anyway
    2. It is not Intelligence, but Influence
    3. Sun stand still! and the Earth stood still

    Joshua 11
    1. the bigger (the giants) the better. the more the easier (v4)
    2. an effortless battle is God’s effort, an effort is a battle against God’s
    3. The land was at rest, not from war. but from Enemies.

      • indeed.

        we as simple Christians who are not theologians, we may not know the entire bible from cover to cover. we may not know the greek words nor the hebrew words.

        our theology may be wrong at times.

        but God whose love for us is illogical, could care less about our theology.

        the more dumber we are, the more God can impute wisdom to us.

        the more weaker we are, the more God can give us strength.

        a child can sing “Jesus loves me this I know” and its all true of God. amen

  2. I love these Pastor J, “When Taking God’s Side Makes You Enemies” and “God Only Needs Plan A” Boy, is there not such truth in both of these?
    Joshua 10
    1. Do not be afraid for Victory is yours. Josh 10:6-11
    2. Can you imagine a day when the sun and moon stood still? Josh 10:12-14
    3. Don’t stop until you have victory! Josh 10:19
    Joshua 11
    1. They will join forces against you. Josh 11:5
    2. Follow His ways and victory is yours. Josh 11:15-16
    3. Take rest and renew your spirit in HIm. Josh 11:23

      • such awesome God we have.

        even our failures can be used to our advantage, so much so that we think God it was His will for us to fail. but no way! the weak in His presence becomes strong. amen

      • There are times when we might think that, though God assures us in Romans 6 it is not so. Nevertheless in His grace even the greatest failure can become a tool that brings victory!

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