Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 101

Deb Maciorowski winner of count down to 100 contest and Pastor Wrinkles

Congrats once again Deb for winning our count down to 100 contest! Once you are finished with your summer course I will give you a proper lesson in using the Strong’s.

It will be a while until our next contest. For now let’s settle into the joy of the work shall we? Here is what I see in today’s chapters.

Joshua chapter 8 sermon topics/titles:

1. The Valley Between: Joshua 8: 10-13

2. The Time of the Javelin: Joshua 8: 18-27

3. Rehearsing the Things of God In Victory: Joshua 8: 30-35

Joshua chapter 9 sermon topics/titles:

1. Listening For the Lie Rather Than the Lord: Joshua 9:1-14

2. The Unbreakable Vow: Joshua 9: 16-21

3. When Wood Cutting and Water Carrying Is a Grace: Joshua 9:22-27

What sermon topics or titles do you find in these chapters? Let me know if something here helps you find material for your blog. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 101

  1. Joshua 8
    1. The Art of War : Yehoshua
    2. all enemies killed : all sins punished (v24)
    3. He died not just for sins, but for our prosperity as well (v27)

    Joshua 9
    1. Your enemies are made a footstool
    2. if man can keep an oath how much more God? (v16)
    3. Life and Death is in the tongue (v23)

  2. “The Unbreakable Vow” and “if man can keep an oath how much more God?” I think there is a powerful message behind these two. Here is what I saw in these chapters.
    Joshua 8
    1. Wait for His okay. Josh 8:2
    2. Use the Lord’s battle plan. Josh 8:3-29
    3. Victory etched in stone. Josh 8:32
    Joshua 9
    1. Many will come against you. Josh 9:1-2
    2. Remain on guard even in the Victory. Josh 9:3-13
    3. Bring everything to Him first. Josh 9:14

    • You are most welcome. Looking forward to what you come up with. When I finish the charts in 22 years or so. I intend to write sermons on each one. Do you suppose that we will have computers in Heaven?

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