The Netherlands Pt. 6: More Museums

Museum Street!

You might get the idea I like museums.

The Nemo. Didn’t make it here but it looks llike a cool museum to visit!

You would be right.

A still life at the Rijks

I love to wonder at the talent it takes to make something like this look like a photograph with nothing but paints made from plants and bugs.


Brenda at The Hermitage, Amsterdam

The Cheese Museum Alkmaar

A Stained glass window at The Hermitage, Amsterdam

It is interesting to look at what others have collected. It speaks of what they valued of what they thought was important.

A rich lady’s doll house. To expensive to ever be played with. The Rijks museum

Sometimes what I see speaks of how easily we are distracted from the important things in life.

The Ten Boom Museum a home and family dedicated to rescuing Jews during the Holocaust

Then sometimes what I see restores my faith that not everyone has lost touch with the truly important things in life.

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