Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts 100!!!

We have made a major milestone here folks, Huzzah!

I know truly that with God nothing is impossible even chapter charting the whole Bible!

Here are the chapter charts that were in top contention for first place in our “Countdown To Hundred Contest”:

Chapter Charts 81: Live By the Stone, Deb

Chapter Charts 85: Stand Strong Deception Is In the Air, Deb

Chapter Charts 87: Passing Over To the One, Saved By Grace  

Chapter Charts 88: There Is Refuge Within His Walls, Deb

Chapter Charts 89: Fight From the Victory Not For, Saved by Grace

Chapter Charts 97: Joshua Stood In the River, Yehoshua Walked On Water, Saved By Grace

Chapter Charts 97 : He Is My Wall of Strength, Deb

And the winner is……….


Congratulations Deb!

Deb has won a brand new Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance! Thanks to Saved By Grace for participating I look forward to seeing more of your study. Thank you to everyone who commented. It would be great to hear your thoughts on the chapters we study each week!

Now all let’s chart on to 500!

8 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts 100!!!

  1. Pastor J, I can’t thank you enough for teaching me how to study the word even deeper. I love how His word speaks to me through the chapter charts and it is so awesome to see how He speaks to others in different ways throught the same verses. I love studying the Living Word this way, thanks, Pastor J. Oh, by the way I will need a lesson in how to use the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance for I have never used one before I’m still learning how to study His word. I am so ready to go the distance, I look forward to the challenge of the next 500 chapter charts. Thank you again, Pastor J you are such a great teacher. Many blessings to you, Pastor J for sharing His word with so many.

  2. Pastor J,

    Time truly flies when you are having fun 🙂 100! Wow!!!

    I echo much of what Deb said. You have helped me to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the Word of God, and this has fueled my passion to read more of the OT. God be praised!

    I haven’t been able to practice much in terms of Biblical charting, but again, your approach has proven invaluable in my studies. Thank you for introducing this to my world.

    On to 500! (or 1000!! 🙂 )

    I pray that God will continue to bless the work of your hands. May He enlarge your tent-pegs beyond boundaries you haven’t even dreamed up and may your influence be nation-changing to the glory of His name.


    • Thank you Ann I receive that blessing! You couldn’t have known that I was praying the prayer of Jabez over my life just two days ago concerning the writing work!
      We serve and amazing God!

  3. congratulations Deb!! You have been so faithful! And Congratulations Pastor J, as you go on for 500! God bless you and deepen you for all that lies ahead.

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