Joe and Melanie’s Journey Pt. 4

It is time to update you on the travels of two of my children, Joe and Melanie.

Joe is in Yangon which used to be Rangoon. Here is a view from his apartment. The Shwedagon Pagoda is on the horizon

The Imperial Barge, Yangon Myanmar Oh so many sights to see!

A truck graveyard in Yangon

Joe in the air control tower at Yangon. He has been helping air traffic controllers with their English.

Relationship has been very important. Here is a class full of new friends!

Joe has had a lot of opportunities to build relationship and to practice English with many of his new Myanmar friends.

Melanie as you may remember is many hours away in Chang Mai.

Her new friends gave her a party for her big 21!

Mel has had several opportunities to ride elephants!

Riding bareback

While Joe has been teaching adults Melanie has been working with elementary students.

Mel doing a painting project

A trip down the river

Remember Joe and Mel in your prayers tonight!

Melanie and Team

Joe with New Friends in Yangon

13 thoughts on “Joe and Melanie’s Journey Pt. 4

  1. What a blessing to have 2 children devoted to the things of God. I pray that my children will be so devoted. You are a blessed man pastor J. 🙂

  2. Tom and I pray for them every night. Oh to see God’s glory in and around those they are teaching is quite a sight to behold. Joe and Melanie have the joy of the Lord written all over their faces. May God continue to protect and provide for their every need and, Pastor J, may you have peace while they are away doing God’s work. A-men and A-men!!!

  3. Your sister & daughter have inspired my little princess to follow in their footsteps to become a missionary. She wants to help children with special needs here in America at least for now anyways.
    What a joy you must have seeing your babies grow into servants of the Lord and to see the radiant glow of Jesus shining through their smiles as they go about furthering His kingdom. May God surround them both & you with His absolute protection, peace,and provision for their every need. Provide Pastor J with the peace he needs until his children arrive home safely. Thank you Lord, Jesus. Amen!!!

  4. Pastor J . . this just brings tears to my eyes. Something so precious about it that I can’t explain,but I’m sure you understand. God bless you and praying now for your Mel and Joe and their new friends.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Pastor J
    Praying for protection and favour for Joe and Mel, and God’s peace for you while you are apart.
    Thanks for taking us along the journey.

  6. You and your children are greatly blessed, brother… your children speak volumes about your homelife and the grace of God. Lord bless. I am praying for your entire family.

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