The Netherlands Pt 3: Amsterdam

I made it into Amsterdam three times while I was visiting my sister in Wormerveer. Brenda bought me a chipkart (The Netherlands versionĀ of a Charlie Card for you Bostonians except it gets you anywhere in the country or Europe as far as I can tell) and put 50 Euro on it for me. Love the little Sis!

So much to see! So much to see!

Amsterdam Centraal. Some train station huh?

The back-side of Amsterdam Centraal. Like many things in Holland what’s up front cleverly hides what’s in back!

The Netherlands has a Queen. Her name is Beatrix.

Portrait of Queen Beatrix by Andy Warhol

We rode past her house in Amsterdam on our way to the Hermitage.

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam

While in Amsterdam don’t miss the museums.

the Hermitage, Amsterdam used to be a poor house. Now it’s a world famous art gallery!

A wall sized reproduction in the Hermitage

“The Brazen Pan”, The Rijks Museum

You could certainly spend a week just visiting Amsterdam but if you only have a day do not miss the canal tour. It’s a great way to see the city. Oh and always, always buy the audio tour for every site that offers one. You won’t be disappointed!

St. Nicolas Church, Amsterdam

Silly Jack, Amsterdam’s Big Ben leans to the left and has never kept time.

“The Dancing Houses” so called because settling causes them to sway into each other over time.

Love the mauve shudders!

More tomorrow!