The Netherlands Part 2: Market Day

In Holland every town has market day. Vendors set up in the square selling their wares. Wormerveer’s market day is Wednesday. So on my first full day in The Netherlands Brenda

The open air market in Womerveer

and I went grocery shopping!

Brenda at the green grocer

I did notice that Brenda’s fruits and vegetables do not last as long as the veggies and fruits I buy in the States. It makes me wonder what’s in the food I eat.

The cheese vendor

Cheese is a major part of Dutch society. The cheese and potato vendors seemed to be among the busiest booths.

The Potato Vendors

When we finished our shopping for the week Brenda treated me to Freits with Freitsaus (French Fries with a mayonnaissy like sauce on them).

A lady carrying Freits from the Freit vendor.

Walking back from market I got some shots of Brenda’s neighborhood!

the canal behind Brenda’s home.

Brenda’s dream home on the Zaan

A funky car

The church garden next door

Brenda’s box garden before I took shears to it.

Brenda’s box garden after I took shears to it.

In case you are wondering I did make it out of Wormerveer. On Friday we will explore Amsterdam together. Check in tomorrow because PAstor Wrinkles will be back with more chapter charts….


15 thoughts on “The Netherlands Part 2: Market Day

  1. My wife us of Dutch descent – i would love to go and experience the culture myself. I hope you have a great time!

  2. I’d like to drive that car. I’ll have to catch up with Pastor Wrinkles when I get back from a short vacation with Tom. Love the pictures and I really like Brenda’s dream house.

    • I thought the same. I was also a little shocked that the people kept there shades wide open. That’s not really something we do in New England.

  3. Love the photo’s Pastor J. and you did a good job on the box garden,what a difference! I’m also glad you made it back safely!
    Love you Pastor J. 😀

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