Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 93

Following God is such an awesome privilege. Yet it also comes with some awesome responsibilities. Today’s chapters got me thinking about what God requires of those who would follow after Him!

Deuteronomy chapter 28 sermon topics/titles:

1. If You Fully Obey: Deut. 28:1-14

2. Blessed or Cursed: Deut. 28: 1-68

3. The Steps of Judgment: Deut. 28:1-68

Deuteronomy chapter 29 sermon topics/titles:

1. Remember Where You Came From! Deut: 29 1-8

2.A Classless Covenant: Deut. 29:9-14

3. Don’t Allow a Heart To Turn: Deut. 29: 16, 17

Now tell me what you see! 🙂