Melanie and Joe’s Journey Pt. 3

This week due to time constraints I have found it necessary to put these two posts about the kid’s journeys to the Far East together.

Joe spent most of his week building walls for a church and then helping with a VBS. But what I got from him were a lot of pictures of food. Apparently my son aspires to be the next Andrew Zimmerman

Here are a few of the yummy things he ate this week.

heart, liver and gizzard

Octopus and squid

green bean/ kidney bean/ coconut and jelly (like spam jelly) snowcone



Joe is going for the full experience of living in and among the people. He is trying to learn as much of the Thai culture and ways as he can in the short time he is visiting the country. I am so proud of him and his cast iron stomach! 🙂

Meanwhile Melanie is meeting so many wonderful people and is just having a blast teaching English and learning Thai.

Mel with a teammate and some of the kids she is teaching.

She looks born to it!


I swell with joy as I hear about what God is doing through Joe and Mel! Thanks for praying!