Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 92

As I read the chapters we are charting today I kept hearing the Spirit speak at the back of my mind “Have you given your all?”

Here is what I see in today’s chapters:

Deuteronomy chapter 26 sermon topics/ titles:

1. Does God’s Gift Come First? Deut. 26: 1-11

2. Is The Full Tithe Ready? Deut. 26: 12-15

3. He Will Set You In Praise, Fame, and Honor…If: Deut. 26:16-19

Deuteronomy chapter 27 sermon topics/titles:

1. Are His Words On Your Altar? Deut. 27:1-8

2. Not An Altar Of Effort: Deut. 27:1-8

3. Does Your ‘So Be It’ Line Up? Deut. 27: 9-26

Have you given your all to the Master? Tell me what you see here. 🙂