Joe’s Journey Pt. 1

Joe made it safely to Bangkok! He has had a few days to recuperate from jetlag before the festivities begin. He has been reading Dr. Butrin’s book from The Roots Up, 

and exploring the market street. Joe has a unique ability to make friends wherever he goes. God told me long ago that this gift would serve him well in the service of the King! Thank you for your continued prayers for his journey!

7 thoughts on “Joe’s Journey Pt. 1

  1. Tom and I are praying for Joe and Melanie every night for God’s protection and that others will be drawn to His light through them. Pastor J, we are also praying that God will give you peace during this time that they are away. What a blessing to have all 3 of your children in ministry. Shower your blessings over all of them Lord. A-men!!!

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