Relentless Pt. 10

Today marks our final “Relentless” post. If you missed the last post you may want to catch up by reading

As you recall Garrick Brewer, who wrote this section of the “Relentless” devotions finished the last blog with a challenge.

I challenge you to think and pray…. for God to lay a person on your heart.And with fire and passion… pursue the salvation of that person.

Today Garrick writes: 

… Dedicate yourself to the salvation of that person, every time you talk to them, tell them about Jesus. Every time you pray, pray for their salvation. At every chance offer to take them to church. Make their salvation your personal crusade. And even if it takes a week, a month, a year, or a decade, never give up on that person. Never relent in your pursuit of their salvation. And on the day that person is saved, rejoice for Luke 15:10 says the angels are rejoicing in heaven at their salvation….

When you are done rejoicing, do it all again. Find the next one God has laid on your heart and pursue their salvation…. For you are working for the glory of God, Christ, and Heaven.

The Japanese have a saying: “A person may spend their whole life searching for the perfect cherry blossom and never find it, yet it is a life well spent.” … In perspective of that, how amazing is the life …dedicated to pursuing the salvation of soul after soul, without rest, without break, a relentless pursuit to glorify the Kingdom of God which is truly beautiful, and truly perfect, like the God who created it and the people who will one day inhabit it? …Begin to feel the call on your heart. Listen… for God speaking to you. Find the one God points out from all the others, and pursue with tenacity and stubborn purpose….Remember, the longer and harder the battle, the more bitter and drawn out, the sweeter the victory!

What one thing have you gleaned about being relentless?

14 thoughts on “Relentless Pt. 10

  1. We must never stop the pursuit after God and Godly things…..Building HIS kingdom…and the body of Christ.

  2. I love this post and goes with the challenge one I posted yesterday..I tell you if we all did this what a mighty move of an impact we can make for the Kingdom of God..I know this will please the Father..thanks for posting

  3. Relentlessness pursuit of souls, one soul at a time! Powerful, Pastor J. I need to go back and read the post just before this one. Thanks so much for sharing! God bless you, and Garrick Brewer!


  4. Being relentless for Christ gives me the courage to witness to others. Love that song!!! Lord, let me see them as you see them. Use me, Lord. A-men and A-men!!!

  5. I really felt Angela’s statement . ..I pray to be relentless about being relentless. To not forget when the cloudy days come and life throws a curve.. To still remain relentless. Kind of like a pit bull! 🙂 Thank you for inspiring us, Pastor J, and God bless you!

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