Relentless Pt. 6

Over the last several posts we have been talking about being “relentless Christians”. We have established that it is necessary to be relentless in praise!

But aside from praise…

 In these days like never before we need to be relentless in ministry because…

It is time! I am excited for revival! Great things happen in revival! People get healed from cancer in revival! Drug addicts and sex addicts get gloriously delivered in revival! Hard hearted sinners melt and give their hearts to Jesus in revival! God moves in worship during revival! People get excited about God I mean really excited! Miracles happen! Demons flee!

Yes God works mightily in revival and so do His people. Revival is coming  and every Christian will be called to a ministry in the church. God has  plans for us and they are ministry in the church and mission in the world. Every blood bought Christian will get his or her marching orders. They will be things we can do but  will seem impossible! As soon as we step forward in obedience life will try to get in the way.  Saint, you will have to be relentless to take up your ministry! A young friend of mine is going to post about this subject for me tomorrow. Hope you will tune in!

13 thoughts on “Relentless Pt. 6

  1. Amen, Pastor J! God is up to something! Revival is such an exciting time! There is such an expectancy of a mighty, mighty move of God! Lord, whatever you’re doing in this season, please don’t do it without me!


    • Thanks for this song, Minister Paulette
      I am getting ready to head out to this morning’s corporate worship. This song will be playing over and over in my head … I so want to be a part of what He is going to do. I echo the prayer “Lord, don’t do it without me!”

    • A-men Paulette! May we be people who bring our own bodies into subjection during this age. So that after having preached to others we might not be disqualified from the prize!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Pastor J
    “Revival is coming and every Christian will be called to a ministry in the church”
    Amen… I do believe a revival is on its way! May we truly be relentless in our pursuit of Revival. There is work to be done … the ripe harvest beckons. Yes! It is time!!

  3. Pastor J, thank you for this relentless series. Thanks, Paulette for that song it really touched my spirit deeply. Lord, I am ready, don’t move without me. Holy Spirit come and move today. A-men!!!

  4. Thank you, Pastor J, for getting us set and praying, for relentlessly seeking revival! I’m excited! God bless you as you stir us up for Him!

  5. Did you know Australia was originally called ‘The great South Land of the Holy Spirit’? How I long for that to be so today! I am not aware of any revivals in Oz but there were times of ‘awakenings’.

    The way things are heading in our countries, there is only one hope and that is for a real revival in our midst. I do not believe there is much time left, so we need to be relentless in our personal witness and in our prayer for a revival.

    We are one day closer!
    We serve an amazing God!

    • I did not know that Angela! May the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit be moved for Jesus one more time before the great and notable day of the Lord come!

  6. “As soon as we step forward in obedience life will try to get in the way. Saint, you will have to be relentless to take up your ministry!” Not only life, but Satan and sin and everything else will get in the way! But through being relentless in our faith and relentless in prayer and in relying on the strength provided by Our Lord, we can and will succeed in Him. Or should I say HE will succeed through us 🙂

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