Relentless Pt. 5

Over the last several posts we have been speaking about the need for the church to get relentless. In yesterday’s post we spoke about the need to be relentless in private praise.

Yet it is not enough to be  relentless in private praise. Church, we need to begin to become relentless in public praise as well. OK this might get a little preachy so hold onto your hats! As a worship leader I have noticed that there is a rising tide of praise in Christendom. People of God are beginning to walk in freedom. In our church I have watched as one time staid saints  are daring to raise up their hands in service. Some who once stood and stared have started to open mouths to sing. Others have begun singing in the Spirit as the Holy Ghost leads.  There is a rising tide of audible worship between the songs. and that audible atmosphere of praise is the power that shuts the devil down and releases the supernatural move of God in the body! The  more free we get in praise the more miracles will take place during our church services; So we need to become relentless in public praise!

But I am not  just speaking about praise in church. We need to dare to praise God in public. Let me dare you dear reader…When something goes right at work  say “Praise Jesus! Hallelujah!” Right out loud.  If you want to change the atmosphere in the work place bring the power of praising Jesus up against the power of cursing Jesus.

Some of you just said “Are you kidding? I would never hear the end of it if I said that at work!”

Dare! You might face persecution. You will also begin to see the world change. And isn’t that what we are after, after all?

Listen to this and then tell me your thoughts!

15 thoughts on “Relentless Pt. 5

  1. I struggle with this and I am certain that I am one of the most outspoken christains at the university i work at. If we could just live in praise of God we would definitely see a change in the world. We are supposed to be light on a hill, yet we are afraid to even speak of jesus let alone praise him in public. Good song…i like most of Matt Redman’s songs tho 🙂

  2. Sorry, I can’t watch videos, but I do agree that we need to readily speak words of praise in public. I also (politely of course) question people I hear blaspheming in public, letting them know they are using the name of my best Friend as a curse. So far, I haven’t received angry responses. Maybe they are too taken back, but at least they were given something to think about.

    We should always be willing to speak about our amazing Saviour.

    • Yes we should be able to speak politely even when people are not polite to us. in your face does not have to be IN YOUR FACE!!!!!! I think the soft answer witness is most effective!

  3. Thanks for getting a little preachy, Pastor J! 😉 Love it and will dare to do it more and more! God bless you as you praise Him anywhere , anytime!

  4. I absolutely loved that song, Pastor J. I can so hear One Desire singing that song at our Fresh Fire service. Lord, thank you for helping me to praise you more and more in public. We can change the world we live in by letting the light inside of us shine brighter each and every day until Jesus’ return.

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  6. Oh, soooooo……..powerful!!! I probably do not praise Him as much as I should but you know what now is the time to just do it!!! Will I be persecuted by some maybe or even thought of, “there goes a wacko” it’s okay cause I know my Jesus loves me and wants all to know that every good thing that happens to us is due to His presence in our lives, Thank you Jesus!!! Thank you Pastor J for your gentle reminders to me because sometimes we feel so comfortable that we forget the reason behind our comfort & joy, let us not forget for one second that it is all due to our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ and give Him the Glory & Honor that is due Him!!! Thanks!

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