What Matters?

Solomon wrote “Everything is meaningless,” Ecc. 1:2 NLT.  Of course he was wrong…mostly. Yet so many of the things we pursue are just a chasing after wind. I’ve come to it that if my life is going to have meaning I need to stop running after the wind and let THE WIND find me. Sit with me for a moment and let Holy Spirit find you in this song!

In the end if you have trusted Him with your life and for forgiveness. If you have given Him your strength and loyalty that is what matters most!

Peace- JE


12 thoughts on “What Matters?

  1. Thanks, Pastor J that was beautiful song. The image I got was having the first dance of eternity with Him. He takes my hand and says shall we dance. As we sway to the slow waltz sunbeams are shining from His hands and feet, His entire body has a glistening light from behind. Can’t wait to dance. I live for Him now so I am guaranteed my dance. A-men!

  2. 1) Proverbs was written when Solomon was a young king, his sons were very young, and his whole life was ahead of him. Ecclesiastes was written after he had filled his life with temporal pleasures that did not satisfy. Despite being given wealth, peace and wisdom (despite wisdom) Solomon had not sought happiness by serving the Lord. He had a reputation of seeking happiness… elsewhere. While much of what he says in Ecclesiastes is “untrue” to an extent, there is still a lesson to be learned.

    2) Great video, must share. 😀

    • You make a good point Clark.The words Solomon was sharing were true for him because of the lifestyle he had lived. A life caught up in temporal pleasure truly is vanity. The only way life can matter for eternity is for it to be founded in service to the True King!

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