Heaven Pt. 55

“Now look down from your holy dwelling place in heaven and bless your people Israel and the land you swore to our ancestors to give us—a land flowing with milk and honey.'” Deut. 26:15

Oh how we need God to look down upon our nations and bless them again!

Let’s Pray: One more time God! Bring us a last days harvest! Let us see another revival and restore us with renewal! Lord we sit before you in repentance! Hear our cry and heal our land! Forgive our wicked ways! We confess and turn to You! Sanctify your church again without spot or wrinkle! May we be a holy remnant and may we be enough to preserve our nation for another move of God! A-men

Whatever nation you hail from may this be your heart’s prayer today and may God hear your voice- JE

17 thoughts on “Heaven Pt. 55

  1. Since sin is so abhorrent to Him, I wonder how He can bear to look down on our nation and see the total disregard for Him in a land that was once called “The Great South Land of the Holy Spirit” and to see the lowering of morals and standards of decency by our governments and the gross sins of our people.

    How desperately we need to see an awakening! Time is running out.

    We are one day closer to His coming.

  2. Bless the Lord, Pastor J
    Thanks for sharing this… Our land certainly needs the healing that comes only from Him. Oh how we need His healing touch!
    How sad that nations that were founded on Godly principles now practice such ungodly approaches… 😦 … Praying alongside you.


    P.S.Yesterday morning I started writing a post called ‘Heal our land’. After our missions event last night, I changed and wrote from the missions perspective. Praying we’ll get the word out to those who need to consciously and personally experience His love.

  3. Thank you for the heart cry in this, Pastor J. May I not feel so overwhelmed by how bad things are that I stop praying. His mercies are new every morning . . .how great is His faithfulness. God bless you as you stir us up to pray. Leaving a song too . . .

    • I know we stand on the brink of a great revival! We are not in post-Christian America we are in pre-Revival America! Be of good cheer sister. We win!

  4. I say…let us BE REVIVAL and go into the land and heal it with the authority that God has given to us by way of His indwelling presence! Those people that “walked in revival” were not doing so because they got a special blessing from heaven due to 1000’s of praying saints. They just realized what God had given them all along and they walked in it. They stopped asking God for something that He had already given them 2000 years ago.

    • I won’t disagree that we do need to walk in revival brother. Prayer is part of the walk and there is a special blessing released when thousands of saints pray!

  5. i agree wholeheartedly that prayer is part of the walk! I guess I just wonder what we are exactly praying and crying out for. I am not sure what blessing is left for us that the new covenant believer isn’t already in possession of due to the finished work of the cross. Sometimes we’re like a dog chasing it’s tail…going after something that has been ours all along. Maybe it’s like the problem of world hunger…We are to go out and meet the needs of those that we can, and ask God to meet the needs of people in all places…

    I also think back at the early church. I don’t see many biblical examples of them crying out to God in corporate prayer asking God to move. What did they spend their time praying for, what did they spend their time doing and preaching? You know? There was most definitely a change in this approach from the Jews of the Old Covenant to the born again folks in the New Covenant.


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