Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 80

I am  taking a series of ministry classes at our Network headquarters in order to update my credentials. With each class I get a study guide that follows the class text. I have found that the best way for me to learn the material is to write the answers from the text onto a copy of the study guide and then to type the written answers onto another study guide before the test. The repetition helps me to get the lessons deep down into my heart so I am prepared for the final.

Deuteronomy is like that second study guide. It is a repetition of the law that has already been given and of the history that has already been lived by the Israelites. It is the cram before the exam that will come in the book of Joshua.

If you are just joining us, Pastor Wrinkles in the midst of a count-down to a hundred contest with the chapter charts. If you’d like to join in here are the rules:

Now here is what I see in Deuteronomy chapters 2 and 3

Deuteronomy chapter 2 sermon topics/titles:

1. Time to Move On: Deut. 2: 1-3

2. Don’t Touch What God Hasn’t Given You: Deut 2:2-6

3. Remember What God Has Done: Deut. 2: 1-37

Deuteronomy chapter 3 sermon topics/titles:

1. Don’t Be Impressed By A Big Bed: Deut 3:1-11

2. Help Your Brothers! : Deut 3:12-21

3. When You Can’t Pass the Blame: Deut. 3:23-29

Now why don’t you rehearse what you see in these chapters by leaving me a chapter chart of your own!

8 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 80

  1. I like how you put this . . .the cram before the final exam! “when you can’t pass the blame” sounds like a good one! God bless you as you get the lessons and share them too!

    • I am prone to pass the blame. God helps me in this by cutting off my excuses and saying “Yes but what are you doing? Stop worrying about others. How should you be?”

  2. Pastor J, these two really spoke to me, “Time to Move On” and “Remember What God Has Done”. Lord, help me not to get get stuck in the circumstance and may I always, always remember what You have done for me. My study technique is repetition as well. God knew we needed repetition in order for us to learn and if there are any who have doubt just read the Pentateuch. Thank you, God for being patient with me while I study and learn Your word.
    Deuteronomy 2
    1. Trust Him to meet your every need. Deut. 2:7
    2. Not until the last one is gone. Deut. 2:14-19
    3. No walls are too strong for Him. Deut. 2:36
    Deuteronomy 3
    1. I will help you conquer them. Deut. 3:1-11
    2. You must keep your promise. Deut. 3:18
    3. Never think you’re above consequences. Deut. 3:26

  3. I’m really enjoying your chapter charts. Not only do they make good material for topical sermons but they can be some great material for expository sermon outlines. Lord bless you, dear brother in both your ministry and your schooling.

    • Feel free to join in the fun anytime Rob. I use the charts as a meditational exercise. After we are done charting the whole Bible I will perhaps develop sermons for each one!

  4. Thanks again, Pastor J
    Your chapter charting contributed much to my papers over the last little while. Thrilled to be a part of your audience (and closet practitioner. lol)

    “2. Don’t Touch What God Hasn’t Given You: Deut 2:2-6”
    Got it!!!!!


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