Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 80

I am  taking a series of ministry classes at our Network headquarters in order to update my credentials. With each class I get a study guide that follows the class text. I have found that the best way for me to learn the material is to write the answers from the text onto a copy of the study guide and then to type the written answers onto another study guide before the test. The repetition helps me to get the lessons deep down into my heart so I am prepared for the final.

Deuteronomy is like that second study guide. It is a repetition of the law that has already been given and of the history that has already been lived by the Israelites. It is the cram before the exam that will come in the book of Joshua.

If you are just joining us, Pastor Wrinkles in the midst of a count-down to a hundred contest with the chapter charts. If you’d like to join in here are the rules:

Now here is what I see in Deuteronomy chapters 2 and 3

Deuteronomy chapter 2 sermon topics/titles:

1. Time to Move On: Deut. 2: 1-3

2. Don’t Touch What God Hasn’t Given You: Deut 2:2-6

3. Remember What God Has Done: Deut. 2: 1-37

Deuteronomy chapter 3 sermon topics/titles:

1. Don’t Be Impressed By A Big Bed: Deut 3:1-11

2. Help Your Brothers! : Deut 3:12-21

3. When You Can’t Pass the Blame: Deut. 3:23-29

Now why don’t you rehearse what you see in these chapters by leaving me a chapter chart of your own!