C.cada Update April

I love this “Hand in Hand” piece by Sandy Freeman. I am not sure if that is what it is called. But it fits don’t you think? Here’s another piece that was finished for this month’s C.cada community meeting. It’s by Lisa Johnson. What would you entitle it?

I am so excited that each month new work is being brought forth. We are now discussing what is the best way to show our work. Who knows maybe we’ll start the C.cada museum and center for Christ Centered arts!

Here is the piece our C.cada choir worked on this month. They sounded awesome! I however massacred the accompaniment. 😦 Looks like it’s time to get back to practicing!

10 thoughts on “C.cada Update April

  1. C.cada gives me an opportunity to work on my talents as well as help others, e.g. music lessons, develop their own talents and the joy that comes out is all for God’s Glory. He gave us talents that were meant to be used, developed, and showcase His glory because we wouldn’t have any of our talents if not for Him!!!
    Absolutely love the eagle picture!

  2. Beautiful, Pastor J! Keep up the great work! I enjoyed the video! God bless you, and all you are doing for the kingdom of the Lord!


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