Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 78

Today marks day three in our Countdown to a Hundred Contest! If you are wondering what a chapter chart is and how you might participate in the fun go to . Any questions can be sent my way via comment! Here is what I see in today’s assigned chapters.

Numbers chapter 34 sermon topics/titles:

1. The Boundaries of the Promise: Nu. 34: 1-12

2. The Land By Lot Vs. Lot Takes the Land: Nu. 345: 13-15 (A comparison with Genesis 13)

3.  The Fate of the Two Good Spies; Nu. 34:16-19

Numbers chapter 35 sermon topics/titles:

1. God Takes Care of His Servants: Nu. 35: 1-7

2. To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required: Nu. 35: 7,8

3. The Boundary Vengeance Cannot Cross: Nu. 35: 9-34

Tell me what you see in Numbers 34 and 35!