Share Your World With Cee Cee Pt. 6

Some interesting getting- to- know- you questions from Cee Cee this week!

Here they are along with my answers:

  1. Do you believe in ghosts? O.K. so here’s the house I currently live in and grew up in. If ever there was a haunted house this would be it. It’s nigh onto a 125 years old with all the creaks and groans to show for it. But for all that I do not believe in ghosts at least not the dearly departed kind. I believe that when a person passes onto the next life they go to one of two possible destinations and one of those is not the home they lived in for fifty years. I do believe in spirits (of the angelic or demonic kind) and some of them have been known to masquerade as great Uncle Wally or sweet old Granny Jemima.
  2. What is your best recipe?   My best recipe is a sour cherry jelly
  3. What is your most favorite smell/scent? I love the smell of fresh herbs from my garden. My favorite has to be fresh cilantro in the summer and baked coriander seeds in the fall.
  4. What subject was your favorite in all of your schooling? Why? I loved English and languages, probably because I was good at them but also because I could always escape through a good book!

Thanks Cee Cee!


15 thoughts on “Share Your World With Cee Cee Pt. 6

  1. love your ghost squestion….curious why you asked, has uncle wally been showing up? ha! Since I was a kid something about ghost stories has intrigued me….I sometimes wonder about the demonic aspect as I still am naive and have a weakness for ghost hunting shows….sometimes I am worried this is a foothold that I should stear clear of…my naivity makes me wonder how all these people say they see or hear Uncle Wally…and then there is Bigfoot too…hahaha!

    • When I was teen I did get involved in witchcraft (pre-Jesus). One time when I was channeling I did let something in and an apparition did appear. It was not Uncle Wally and its intent was not benevolence. I do know these things are real from first hand experience and I have learned by hard knocks to obey the Scriptural mandate to steer clear. Thankfully Jesus taught me it was better to rebuke devils than to chat with them. MAny of my acquaintances have not heeded this lesson to their own harm.

      • Thanks Jelillie! I respect your wisdom and your experience. Your explanation is powerful and we are called to take instruction. Count me instructed and blessed. Intrique becomes entrapment.Walking with God in His light and rebuking the king of darkness gives life.
        So, what about bigfoot?…just joking Have a blessed day.

  2. Love this, and your answers. Glad you took the time to answer these, especially 1.

    I’ve had things happening in this house that have made me wonder exactly what was going on here — Putting things in one spot and having them moved to another while no one was home … music boxes playing all by themselves, but stopping as soon as I started walking toward them … a black silhouette of a man that reminded me of Abraham Lincoln (tall, stovepipe hat, beard down over his chest) …. and that’s just a few. And all of it happening when there was upheaval — when we first moved in, when there were problems within the family, when we got our first dog. Too many things for me to think it is nothing, but it makes me wonder what was in this house to draw them here. I really didn’t like the idea of demonic spirits in my house, so I prayed a couple years ago and “gave” the house and property to the Lord, and asked that whatever was here be taken out. Not much has happened since.

    Thanks for your answers, Pastor J. I enjoyed this post.

    • And that is it exactly Drusilla! Demons are subject to us not vice versa we spimply have to take up our authority and refuse them entrance. They may resist for a bit but they cannot remain. As I was telling Tom there was a time I gave Satan a foothold through the practice of witchcraft (as a teen ager). Years later I had to rebuke the spirit I let in. Today the house is old but no longer “haunted”.

  3. The sermon topic “Ghosts, Demons and Evil Spirits” painted on the large wayside pulpit notice board outside the Church was used by the Lord to get me inside an evangelical Church where I heard the Good News of the Gospel – – so the subject has a soft spot for me.

    I agree with your answer to that question. I am sure many of the accounts of activities of ‘ghosts’ and ‘spirits’ are true, but they are satan’s demons, using their cunning tricks to deceive and keep people from the Truth. They certainly are NOT the spirits of departed humans!

    • A-men and whole cultures have been deceived by the lie that the spirits of loved ones walk among us! Our American culture is descending rapidly into that deception

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