Notes From the Netherlands

While I am busy with C.cada here in the States my sister is helping Missionary Judy Mensch launch a Christian theater program in the Netherlands. Over Easter weekend their troupe performed its first show at Ichtus Church in Zaandam! Here are some pictures from the performance.

If you are interested in learning more about C.cada or the artists community my sister is helping to create in The Netherlands you can follow us on Facebook at

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10 thoughts on “Notes From the Netherlands

  1. Thank you for sharing what is going on with your sister, Pastor J! Wonderful pictures! Praying for her to continue on in His abundant love and mercy!!

    • It was a great success and God did it through the bringing of miracles including a supernatural healing and provision of full houses when they only had 20 tickets pre-sold!

  2. It must have been awesome to be in the audience. Lord, continue to water the seeds that were planted that night in order to draw more lost souls to you. A-men!

  3. God moved in that room each performance….and many many seeds were planted….thanks for the prayers!!! Looking forward to what HE has in store here in Holland!

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