You Can Be Sure Pt. 4

 “If serving others is an inevitable side effect of being “Saved”, why do some non-believers have this same “side effect” but are still labeled as “unsaved” and therefore “can be sure” they will not go to heaven?”

The first “You can Be Sure Post” I wrote was  a rabbit trail off of Heaven Pt. 47. I really didn’t expect to be this long down this side avenue, but Noel one of my readers asked some very compelling questions. So I thought it necessary to linger here awhile until the answers were laid out. In bold above you will see the question I want to address today and Monday.

Noel has asked a good question. If a servant’s heart is a side-effect of being saved, how is it then that non-Christians can be just as service oriented (indeed sometimes more) and why then are they considered unsaved?

The answer to the first part of Noel’s question is that there is more than one method of causality for a servant’s-heart. Salvation by grace is one cause of servanthood but there are many others. A person can become charitable because they were taught charity by a parent or a mentor, or because they knew great want at some point in their lives and are by that memory spurred to protect others from want. A person can achieve a servant’s heart because it is part of their job description and they are daily forced into service or even because they are part of a community which values servanthood. A person can even be born with a natural bent towards servanthood.

But it is not serving others that saves. Being kind or loving, giving or good does not qualify a person for Heaven. What qualifies a person for Heaven according to the Bible is either sinless perfection OR redemption. It has to be one or the other. Either you have to live every second of every day without sin of thought, word or deed OR you need someone to take the blame for the sin you do.

I’ve met many good people in my time. I’ve met many  kind hearted servants; But I have never met anyone perfect in thought, word and deed. Everyone I know is in need of redemption! Everyone I know needs someone else to take the blame for their sin if they are going to make it to Heaven.

The only one ever qualified by God to take that blame was Jesus Christ. That is why He is called the Savior!

More on Monday!