Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 74

The Old Testament is full of fire and blood. It is a mighty reminder that God is justice as well as love. It was His love that led Him to institute sacrifice as a way of bringing the human race back to Himself. That way ¬†ultimately led ¬†to the offering of His own son, Jesus, as the ultimate and final sacrifice upon the cross of Calvary. Today, Good Friday, we remember Christ’s sacrifice and look at it in light of Numbers 28 and 29.

Numbers 28 sermon topics/ titles:

1. Jesus, the Everyday Sacrifice: Nu. 28: 1-8

2. Jesus, Our Rest: Nu. 28: 9,10

3. Jesus, Our Atoning Sacrifice: Nu. 28: 16-22

Numbers chapter 29 sermon topics/ titles:

1. Jesus, the Sacrifice of Praise: Nu. 29: 1-5

2. Jesus, the End of Sacrifice: Nu. 29: 12-39

3. Jesus, Our Freewill Offering: Nu. 29:39-40

What do you see?