C.cada Update Pt. 3

Praise God! This artist’s community is such a blessing to me! Watching God move in the lives of this group is so exciting! Our people are stepping forward into His ministry with their ability, daring big things for their King!

I would like you to meet one of Cornerstone’s and C.cada’a newest worship teams, One Desire.

Follow One Desire at:


4 thoughts on “C.cada Update Pt. 3

  1. Thank you for letting us share in this experience, Pastor J
    The group inspires me to worship…. Praise God for these surrendered hearts. Worshiping alongside your team.

  2. Hello Pastor J,

    Thank you so much for allowing us to get a peek into the worship experience, that happens at your place of worship! It is such a blessing to see the young people on fire for the Lord! It would be wonderful to feature the band in one of the Wednesday’s Praise and Worship Sessions! 🙂 God bless you!


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