C.cada Update Pt. 2

You may remember that some of our graphic artists are working on card projects. Sandy Freeman has been working on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day portraits. Here are her works in progress.

Mother’s Day Phase 1Mother’s Day Phase 2

Mother’s Day Phase 3- A softer baby baby face. Here’s the close up.

Father’s Day

As we work together as artists we are truly discovering that God has mighty use for the gifts he planted inside. We are learning to overcome the lie, the Enemy has spoken, that these gifts don’t matter. He may say they change nothing but we are determined to change the world!

4 thoughts on “C.cada Update Pt. 2

  1. It is truly amazing how God uses us for His glory. God’s power and strength are throughout both of these beautiful drawings. A-men!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Pastor J

    The first two pictures scream ‘Hannah and Samuel’ 🙂 I appreciate your taking us along this journey with you.


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