Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 72

I love the Bible because of its honesty about the complexity of humanity. The characters which walk through the pages of The Book can hardly be called flat or one- sided. The Bible shows its people…truly shows them in all their human joy and misery. Balaam for instance, the sorcerer/ pagan bank rolled by God’s enemies working as a double agent for God and then trying to stick the knife in God’s back on the way out the door even as he slits his own throat, what a mess this guy was! And yet how like us; We’re on God’s side one second and then we forget He even exists the next. We like to think we would never find ourselves in such messy situations as the biblical characters, until of course we’re suddenly there!

Here is what I got out of today’s chapter charts!

Numbers chapter 24 sermon topics/titles:

1. Not Sorcery! Prophecy! Nu. 24:1-3

2. Falling Down, Seeing Clearly: Nu. 24:3-9

3. A Star, A Scepter Nu. 24: 15-19

Numbers chapter 25 sermon topics/titles:

1. How To Lose the Unloseable Blessing: Nu. 25:1-5

2. Flaunting Sin In A Place Of Repentance: Nu. 25: 6-9

3. When Family Becomes Enemy: Nu. 25: 16-18

What do you see?