Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 69

I don’t know how you choose a topic to write about but for me I most often start with a concept that quickly reduces down to a title or a topic sentence. I seldom get an outline before I have the title but once I have that first line I am good to go and the outline can flow. So it is with the chapter charts. A title is born (out of the study) and from that flows the future sermon of Pastor Wrinkles! Here are the topics I discovered in today’s chapters.

Numbers chapter 18 sermon topics/titles:

1. Priviledged and Appointed to Serve: Nu. 18:1-7

2. Provided In Service: Nu. 18: 8-14

3. Are You Covered In Covenant Salt? Nu. 18: 18,19

Numbers chapter 19 sermon topics/titles:

1. How To Stoke A Heifer Fire: Nu. 19: 1-6

2. Are You Washed From Death? Nu. 19: 11-13

3. The Hyssop Cleanser: Nu. 19:16-22

How do your ideas for writings develop?